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Helpful Links for WISe Youth Peers

August 29, 2017

Travis & Lorrin

It can take a lot of time and effort to understand the unique role of Youth Peer Support, and how the role of Peer Support fits into WISe and Wraparound. There's a lot of research we can do online to understand the history of youth peer support, and what exactly are job as peers is. 

Here are a few resources to start with:

  • ‍Here's the law (WACs) outlining the definition and function of a peer support provider.
  • Here's the whole manual from our 40-week Youth and Family Certified Peer Counselor training.
  • Here's the WISe Manual which outlines the purpose and function of the WISe program.
  • Here's an article called "Implementing the Youth Peer Support Specialist Role in Wraparound."
  • Here's a cool presentation called "Youth Peer Support and The Wraparound Process."
  • Here's a link to some evidence regarding the effectiveness, and the importance, of peer support in the mental health field. (Tip: This document is pretty long, so try searching (ctrl+f) for the word "results," and that'll help you scroll through the outcomes of peer support.)