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Youth Peers Share Their Favorite WISe Symposium Activities

August 9, 2017

Travis Rybarski

The Peer Pathways Conference is right around the corner (August 29th & 30th), and there are still a few slots available for employed peers to register! As we approach another exciting opportunity to network with our fellow youth peers across the state, we reflect back on the last one! The WISe (Wraparound w/ Intensive Services) Symposium, sponsored by DBHR (Division of Behavioral Health & Recovery) took place in July, and there were more than a few exciting moments for youth peers as we expand this aspect of our workforce statewide.

We surveyed a handful of youth peers in attendance and asked them about their favorite moments from the WISe Symposium:

“The LGBTQ Youth Panel was phenomenal in that they brought youth who led the panel, answered questions, and shared their voice and choice in services. I was happy to see that.”

- Kori, Youth Peer from Southwest Region

“I enjoyed the break out about peer supervision and hearing from supervisors what they are doing in their area."

- Morgan, Youth Peer from Greater Columbia Region

“I really enjoyed the breakout group 'role of a youth peer' I think it gave a lot of good insight and perspective.”

- Chelsea, Youth Peer from Great Rivers Region

“Alicia Finn from Community Youth Services in Olympia did an awesome presentation about how to individualize services for youth in the 17-21 age range, and I felt like other regions learned a lot from her ideas."

- Travis, Youth Peer from Spokane County Region

"My favorite moment was watching the youth panel as brave as they were talk about who they are and how we could better support them by allowing them to have a voice in services."

- Evelyn, Youth Peer from Pierce County Region

If you’re a youth peer and attended DBHR's WISe Symposium, contact us through our homepage or Facebook and let us know what you loved about it! 

We're looking forward to seeing you all at the Peer Pathways conference at the end of the month! This conference will include lots of exciting information for youth peers, including workshops about the age of consent, the role of youth peer on a WISe team, resources and strategies for youth peers, and more!