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Certified Peer Counselor Training

April 12, 2017


One of our great honors at YouthSound is supporting the Youth and Family Certified Peer Counselor Training! Our team members Travis Rybarski and Lorrin Gehring serve as Youth Trainers at this exciting 5-day course.

Certified Youth Peer Counselors are people who have lived experienced receiving services from systems that impact youth (including mental health and substance abuse treatment, foster care, juvenile justice, etc). Certified Family Peer Counselors are people who have been the parents or guardians of youth involved with systems and supported the process of receiving services. They both help people connect with resources and identify goals that promote recovery and resiliency. Because of their own life experience, Certified Peer Counselors are uniquely equipped to provide support and encouragement to people currently receiving services.

Among other things, this training supports peers in understanding:

  • the unique function of their role
  • how to access resources statewide that benefit families
  • how to maintain self-care while supporting others in a formal role

To learn more about this training or apply to become a Certified Peer Counselor, watch the video below and visit the Workforce Collaborative website:

  • ‍http://wabhwc.com/peer-initiatives