Youth Professional Leadership Training (Seattle)

April 17, 2017

YouthSound is excited to announce that we will be hosting another FREE YPL training on April 17th & 18th!!! 

This high energy and experiential 2 day training will focus on what it takes to be an adaptive leader. Being a leader means being able to recognize how our thoughts, beliefs and attitudes shape our interactions with youth and those we work with. What are mental models and how do they impact your life? Do you have authority? Is it formal or informal? And what is the difference? What is the new model of leadership and how can you lead from any chair?

Check out what our leadership alumni are saying about the training:

"The best training I've ever been to!"

"The trainers are HILARIOUS and this training has basically blown my mind (in a good way)."

Join us for this free 2 day experience. Limited travel support is available. This training is a two day experiential leadership training for young professionals developed as part of a partnership between the Division of Behavioral Health and Recovery, the Behavioral Health Workforce Collaborative, YouthSound, Portland State University, George Reese Instructional Design and Training, LLC, and world renowned leadership expert Ellen Kagen. Ongoing coaching will be provided for individuals and for the entire group. Each participant will have the opportunity to come back and join their class to discuss progress and goals. More information is provided about this on the registration page.

Registration link will be posted soon. For questions and updates contact